Jami's Wings

          Angel's Among Us 2010

This year Jami had a dilemma to workout...or so we thought. Jami's girl scout troop is going to The Great Wolf Lodge and of course it fell on the same weekend as the Angel's Among Us walk. Jami would have to make a choice between the 2 events. We just knew Jami would choose to go with the girl scouts (after all she is 10 and who would not want to go the Great Wolf Lodge) but we were going to walk anyways. Well, Jami is at home night as Joel and Karen are having a conversation about the walk and Jami expresses how excited she is about the walk. Karen points out to her that her trip is the same time as the walk and Jami lets everyone know very quickly that even a cool trip with your friends (and without your parents) is no replacement for the walk. She never even entertained the idea of missing the walk "because it means something"!

At our yard sale for Angel's Among Us we raised $950.00 in donations and sales! Jami and Joey ran a Snack Stand (with help!) selling candy, sodas, water, and cakes to visitors of our yard sale. While it was a very long day (we meet at 6am and the last helper left about 6:30pm) it was a productive day. Thank you to all who helped!

Collectively we raise over $1300 for Angel's Among Us (this amount includes our fundraising event as well as registrations).

              Ride for Kids 2010

This year's Ride for Kids event was held on Sunday May 2. Jami rode with her uncle David (like usual) and Joey being able to ride this year, Emily wanted Joey to ride with her (but he was not able to because her bike does not have a backrest so he rode with a longtime friend of David's named Anthony). While we waited for the ride to begin we all ate a light breakfast, Jami and Joey got "tattoos" from Sybil The Clown, and Jami was asked to do a brief recording for "Bob's Buddies" at the G105 tent (Joel was asked to do one while everyone was on the ride). Finally the ride began! Everyone said the ride was a great 45- 50 minute police escorted motorcycle ride with a huge number of bikes (I taped the line of bikes from start to finish and it was almost 15 min. long of bike after bike leaving!). After a light lunch, the Celebration of Life program program began. During the last part of the program the "stars", including Jamilyn,  were invited onto the stage. On the stage each star was interviewed individually and this was the first year Jami talked during the interview! The first year she did not want go on the stage the second year she went on the stage but did not talk when it was time for her interview. She did a great job (except revealing to everyone that Uncle David went fast around the curves )!

              Bob's Buddies 2010

This year G105's theme for their Raleigh Christmas Parade float was Bob's Buddies. Jami and Joey rode on the G105 float for the Raleigh Christmas Parade while Joel, Karen, Jan, Cyndi, and Robby walked in front of the float and passed out G105 stickers (Robby helped carry the sign in the front)! We were all on TV!

Listen to G105 for introductions/advertisements for Bob's Buddies featuring Jami or Joel! Jami, Joel, and Karen were on the radio around 11:30 to tell her story!

            Christmas Cards 2010

We have begun making cards. We currently have over 200 cards made and are adding to this number almost weekly. This year we are going to try adding All Occasion cards too. Our goal is to sell 1,000 cards this year (we sold over 500 last year). We are also adding a webstore for you to order cards and have them mailed to your home. We are hoping to be able to set up at one or more of the area's craft fairs later this fall...wish us luck!

If you would like to come help make cards please let me know!


Update: We raised over $300 by selling cards! Thank you to everyone who bought/sold/made cards... without you we would not have been able to make as much money!

We have already started cards for 2011. Please keep us in mind for your Christmas cards and remember we also have all occasion cards! Send me a message if you want to order some!